We’ve seen a dozen websites come and go with each passing of the Hollister Rally. Often this is due to a new promoter or a cancelled event and each time folks are left wondering where to go for information.

That’s why we created It’sAllAbouttheRide.org.

We’re a group of Hollister residents and local business people with a love for the motorcycle industry. We know that it’s not really about whether The City says there is a rally. It’s about getting together and enjoying our passion… motorcycles.

Since Hollister is centrally located with great riding all around, we figured we’d keep this going all year and use this tool to help you discover Hollister, San Benito County and Central California at large.

We’re just getting started and so far have some short ride videos graciously provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney. In the near future look for more in depth routes, destinations and travel tips.

Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you soon!

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